Recent articles & book chapters

"Ancient Restoration in Roman Polychromy: Detecting Aesthetic Changes?"

Elisabetta Neri, Nesrine Nasr and David Strivay

Heritage 2022, 5(2), 829-848.

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Published - 06/04/2022.

"Architectural Polychromy on the Athenian Acropolis: An In Situ Non-Invasive Analytical Investigation of the Colour Remains"

Eleni Aggelakopoulou, Sophia Sotiropoulou and Georgios Karagiannis

Heritage 2022, 5(2), 756-787.

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Published - 01/04/2022.

"An Insight into Gandharan Art: Materials and Techniques of Polychrome Decoration"

Anna Lluveras-Tenorio, Alessia Andreotti, Fabio Talarico, Stefano Legnaioli, Luca M. Olivieri, Maria Perla Colombini , Ilaria Bonaduce and Simona Pannuzi

Heritage 2022, 5(1), 488-508.

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Published - 02/03/2022.

"What were the colors of the Parthenon? Investigation of the entablature's cornice blocks"

Eleni Aggelakopoulou, Asterios Bakolas

Journal of Archaeological Science, 2022, 105553.

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Published - 10/02/2022.

"An evergreen blue. Spectroscopic properties of Egyptian blue from pyramids to Raphael, and beyond"

Antonio Sgamellotti and Chiara Anselmi

Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2022, 530, 120699.

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Published - 24/01/2022.

"Portrait of an Etruscan Athletic Official: A Multi-Analytical Study of a Painted Terracotta Wall Panel"

Monica Ganio, Douglas MacLennan, Marie Svoboda, Claire Lyons and Karen Trentelman.

Heritage, 2021, 4(4), 4596-4608.

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Published - 28/10/2021.

"Wax finishing in Roman polychrome statuary: Ganosis on the colossal head from Dougga (Tunisia)"

Elisabetta Neri, Caroline Bouvier, Laurence de Viguerie, Alain Brunelle, Nesrine Nasr, Fathi Béjaoui, François Baratte and Philippe Walter

Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2021, 51, 29-36.

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Published - 25/07/2021.

"Re-presenting in Colours at the ‘Palace of Nestor’: Original Polychromy and Painting Materials"

Hariclia Brecoulaki, Andreas G. Karydas, Vassilis Perdikatsis and Maria P. Colombini

in J. Bennet (ed.), Representations. Material and Immaterial Modes of Communication in the Bronze Age Aegean, Sheffield Studies in Aegean Archaeology, Oxford, Oxbow Books 2021, 53-106.

More information (including how to order) here.

Published - 15/05/2021.


Mark Abbe


"Architecture and Interiors"

Stephan Zink

in D. Wharton (ed.), A Cultural History of Color in Antiquity, (A Cultural History of Color, vols. 1-6, edited by C. P. Biggam and K. Wolf). London: Bloomsbury Press. 2021. 135-154 and 155-176.

More information here.

Published - 11/02/2021.

Recent books

"The Polychromy of Etruscan Sculpture on the basis of selected objects from European Museums" (Doctoral Thesis)

Julia Großekathöfer

Published by Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

This publication is based on the visual examination and photographic
documentation of more than seventy-five exemplary Etruscan objects. This alone gives the reader a first insight into the aesthetic and narrative functions of colour in Etruscan sculpture. The text section focuses on the evaluation of the material, while the catalog illustrates the description of the objects. Finally, a tabular overview provides the basis for determining more precisely the painting technique of an Etruscan object in its dependence on form and time.

Dr Großekathöfer obtained her doctorate on 22 July 2016 and is currently doing a scientific traineeship - in addition to her work as a museum educator - at the LWL-Römermuseum Haltern am See.

Open access to the book is available here.

Published - 07/03/2022.

"Textiles in Ancient Mediterranean Iconography"

Editors: Cecilie Brøns, Susanna Harris, Marta Żuchowska

Published by Oxbow Books.

This volume provides an ambitious synopsis of the complex, colourful world of textiles in ancient Mediterranean iconography. A wealth of information on ancient textiles is available from depictions such as sculpture, vase painting, figurines, reliefs and mosaics. Includes several chapters on polychromy in ancient sculpture.

More information (including how to order) here.

Open access to the book is available here.

Published - 28/02/2022.

"The Painted Tetrarchic Reliefs of Nicomedia: Uncovering the Colourful Life of Diocletian’s Forgotten Capital"

Tuna Şare Ağtürk

Published by Brepols.

The book presents the very first discussion of an astonishing group of painted Roman reliefs discovered from an imperial complex, at the centre of Diocletian’s empire at Nicomedia.

More information (including how to order) here.

Published - 25/11/2021.

"Les couleurs des albâtres anglais. Polychromie, production et perception médiévales"

Markus Schlicht, Aurélie Mounier, Maud Mulliez,in collaboration with Pascal Mora and Romain Pacanowski.

Published by Ausonius editions.

The book details the work of a multidisciplinary team on the analysis and reconstruction of the polychromy of several English alabaster panels preserved in the Bordeaux region, and is available online.

Download a free PDF copy of the book here and a short video summary here.

Published - 08/11/2021.

"The Nature of Art: Pliny the Elder on Materials"

Andreas Grüner, Anna Anguissola (eds.)

Published by Brepols.

This volume of collected essays addresses the presentation of artistic processes and their materials in the Natural History and focuses on the issues that lie at the root of Pliny's work: his account of the technological, economical, ideological, and aesthetic aspects of materials.

More information here.

Published - 30/06/2021.

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