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"Tracking Color Through Time: Polychromy on Etruscan Urns from Ancient Creation to Modern Intervention"

Cecilie Brøns, Jens Stenger, Anna Katerinopoulou, Katherine Eremin, Kate Smith, Georgina Rayner, Susanne Ebbinghaus, and Jacob Kveiborg

American Journal of Archaeology, 2024, Vol. 128, No. 2, pp. 167-197.

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Published online - 15/03/2024.

"Is Gold Yellow? Plant Dyes and Gold-Making in the Ancient Chemical Arts"

Caterina Manco and Matteo Martelli

Ambix, DOI: 10.1080/00026980.2024.2309061

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Published online - 07/03/2024.


"Persepolis West: Evidence for a Pigment Production Site and its Connections with Achaemenid Royal-Official Buildings"

Emad Matin

Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia, 202429(2), 262-306. 

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Published online - 25/01/2024.

"Traces of Polychromies in Roman sculpture: a multi-analytical approach"

Sara Lenzi, Marta Novello, Monica Salvadori, Ivana Angelini, Alfonso Zoleo, Rita Deiana

Proceedings of the IMEKO TC4 International Conference on Metrology for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 2023, 132-136.

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"The “Tomb of the Philosophers” in Pella, Macedonia Revisited: New Findings on Its Iconography" 

Myrina Kalaitzi, Hariclia Brecoulaki and Giovanni Verri

Tekmeria, 202418, 97-150.

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Published online - 25/01/2024.

"Roman Britain in Colour – Roman Altars from Hadrian's Wall Reimagined"

Andrew Parkin

Theoretical Roman Archaeology Journal, 20246(1), 1–19.

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Published online - 19/01/2024.

"Analyses of the brown stain on the Parthenon Centaur head in Denmark"

Kaare Lund Rasmussen, Bodil Bundgaard Rasmussen, Thomas Delbey, Ilaria Bonaduce, Frank Kjeldsen and Vladimir Gorshkov 

Heritage Science, 202412, 1-17.

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Published online - 16/01/2024.

“An Achaemenid God in Color”

Susanne Ebbinghaus, Katherine Eremin, Judith A. Lerner, Alexander Nagel and Angela Chang

Heritage, 2024, 7(1), 1-49.

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Published online - 19/12/2023.

"The goddess’ new clothes: the carving and polychromy of the Parthenon Sculptures"

Giovanni Verri, Hero Granger-Taylor, Ian Jenkins, Tracey Sweek, Katarzyna Weglowska and William Thomas Wootton

Antiquity, 2023, 97(395), 1173 - 1192.

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Published online - 11/10/2023.

Recent books

Archaeology of Colour Technical Art History Studies in Greek and Roman Painting and Polychromy (Meletemata 87)

Edited by Hariclia Brecoulaki

Published by National Hellenic Research Foundation.

Ancient polychromy speaks a language of “the visible” and “the invisible”, through signs of pigments, brushstrokes and forms. Another reminder of our classical past, colour is an inherent component of artistic creation, inspiration and imagination. New sophisticated technologies, as well as the development of interdisciplinary studies over these past decades, have stimulated the collection and evaluation of numerous scientific data from in-situ investigation of polychrome and painted documents, and have challenged our understanding of the complexity and function of ancient painting materials and techniques. The present volume is another contribution to the ongoing exploration of the rich history of colour in the classical world; an exploration which builds on previous knowledge and opens up new horizons for a more extended understanding of the aesthetics and meaning of Greek and Roman art. It includes fifteen papers that move from Archaic and Classical Greece to the Hellenistic and Roman periods, and deal with colour on monumental architecture, marble statues and reliefs, wooden and terracotta statuettes, stone sarcophagi, paintings on stone and plaster, and pigments as raw materials.

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"Senses, Cognition, and Ritual Experience in the Roman World"

Blanka Misic, Abigail Graham (Editors)

Published by Cambridge University Press

How do the senses shape the way we perceive, understand, and remember ritual experiences? This book applies cognitive and sensory approaches to Roman rituals, reconnecting readers with religious experiences as members of an embodied audience. These approaches allow us to move beyond the literate elites to examine broader audiences of diverse individuals, who experienced rituals as participants and/or performers. Case studies of ritual experiences from a variety of places, spaces, and contexts across the Roman world, including polytheistic and Christian rituals, state rituals, private rituals, performances, and processions, demonstrate the dynamic and broad-scale application that cognitive approaches offer for ancient religion, paving the way for future interdisciplinary engagement.

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Published -25/01/24.

"Color and Meaning in the Art of Achaemenid Persia"

Alexander Nagel

Published by Cambridge University Press

This volume investigates the use of polychromy in the art and architecture of ancient Iran. Focusing on Persepolis, the topic is explored within the context of the modern historiography of Achaemenid art and the scientific investigation of a range of works and monuments in Iran and in museums around the world. Nagel's study contextualizes scholarly efforts to retrieve aspects of ancient polychromies in Western Asia and interrogates current debates about the contemporary use of color in the architecture and sculpture in the ancient Mediterranean world, especially in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean.

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Published -14/09/23.

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