Articles & book chapters published in 2022

"The colours of Segesta. Searching for the traces of the lost pigments"

Veronica Ciaramitaro, Francesco Armetta, Monica de Cesare and Maria Luisa Saladino

Journal of Cultural Heritage, 59 (2023): 30-37.

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Published online - 20/11/2022.

"A Late Archaic/Early Classical Greek Relief with Two Hoplites (Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek IN 2787)"

Jan Stubbe Østergaard and Adam Schwartz

Jahrbuch des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts, 2022, 137, S. 1–37.

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Published - 27/10/2022.

"Multi-technique analysis of pigments on sandstone sculptures: Renaissance re-painting of a Roman relief"

Louisa Campbell and Margaret Smith

Herit Sci 10, 156 (2022).

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Published - 05/10/2022.

"Polychromy in Roman Portraits from Asido (Medina Sidonia, Cádiz, Spain). LiviaGermanicus and Drusus Minor"

Carlos P. Odriozola, José Beltrán Fortes, María Luisa Loza Azuaga and José María Martínez Blanes

Herit Sci 10, 108 (2022). 

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Published - 09/07/2022.

"Reconstructions of Roman Polychrome Architecture: Evidence, Ideal, and Ideology."

Stephan Zink

in Elisha Ann Dumser, and Dorian Borbonus (eds), Building the Classical World: Bauforschung as a Contemporary Approach (New York, 2022; online edn, Oxford Academic, 23 June 2022),

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Published - 23/06/2022.

"Palmyrene Polychromy: Investigations of Funerary Portraits from Palmyra in the Collections of the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen"

Cecilie Brøns, Jens Stenger, Jørn Bredal-Jørgensen, Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo and Luise Ørsted Brandt

Heritage 2022, 5(2), 1199-1239.

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Published - 01/06/2022.

"Unveiling the paint stratigraphy and technique of Roman African polychrome statues"

Elisabetta Neri, Matthias Alfeld, Nesrine Nasr, Laurence de Viguerie and Philippe Walter

Archaeol Anthropol Sci 14, 118 (2022). 

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Published - 30/05/2022.

"Travel to Greece and Polychromy in the 19th Century: Mutations of Ideals of Beauty and Greek Antiquities"

Heritage 2022, 5(2), 1050-1065.

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Published - 19/05/2022.

"Sensuous encounters: The adornment of cult statues in ancient Greece." 

Cecilie Brøns

in Tomás García, J., & Sáenz-López Pérez, S. (eds.). (2022). Iconotropy and Cult Images from the Ancient to Modern World (1st ed.). Routledge. pp. 14-35.

This chapter examines the various evidence for the different forms of embellishment of ancient Greek cult images: their original polychromy, attachments such as metal ornaments, jewellery, and inlays, the use of textiles for dressing them, and treatments with waxes, oils and perfumes. 

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Published - 07/04/2022.

"Ancient Restoration in Roman Polychromy: Detecting Aesthetic Changes?"

Elisabetta Neri, Nesrine Nasr and David Strivay

Heritage 2022, 5(2), 829-848.

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Published - 06/04/2022.

"Architectural Polychromy on the Athenian Acropolis: An In Situ Non-Invasive Analytical Investigation of the Colour Remains"

Eleni Aggelakopoulou, Sophia Sotiropoulou and Georgios Karagiannis

Heritage 2022, 5(2), 756-787.

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Published - 01/04/2022.

"An Insight into Gandharan Art: Materials and Techniques of Polychrome Decoration"

Anna Lluveras-Tenorio, Alessia Andreotti, Fabio Talarico, Stefano Legnaioli, Luca M. Olivieri, Maria Perla Colombini , Ilaria Bonaduce and Simona Pannuzi

Heritage 2022, 5(1), 488-508.

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Published - 02/03/2022.

"Microscopic-Scale Examination of the Black and Orange–Yellow Colours of Architectural Glazes from Aššur, Khorsabad and Babylon in Ancient Mesopotamia"

Fanny Alloteau, Odile Majérus, Floriane Gerony, Anne Bouquillon, Christel Doublet, Helen Gries, Anja Fügert, Ariane Thomas, and Gilles Wallez.

Minerals 2022, 12(3), 311.

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Published - 28/02/2022.

"What were the colors of the Parthenon? Investigation of the entablature's cornice blocks"

Eleni Aggelakopoulou, Asterios Bakolas

Journal of Archaeological Science, 2022, 105553.

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Published - 10/02/2022.

"An evergreen blue. Spectroscopic properties of Egyptian blue from pyramids to Raphael, and beyond"

Antonio Sgamellotti and Chiara Anselmi

Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2022, 530, 120699.

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Published - 24/01/2022.

Books published in 2022

"Seeing Color in Classical Art: Theory, Practice, and Reception, from Antiquity to the Present"

Jennifer M. S. Stager

Published by Cambridge University Press

The remains of ancient Mediterranean art and architecture that have survived over the centuries present the modern viewer with images of white, the colour of the stone often used for sculpture. Antiquarian debates and recent scholarship, however, have challenged this aspect of ancient sculpture. There is now a consensus that sculpture produced in the ancient Mediterranean world, as well as art objects in other media, were, in fact, polychromatic. Colour has consequently become one of the most important issues in the study of classical art. Jennifer Stager's landmark book makes a vital contribution to this discussion. Analyzing the dyes, pigments, stones, earth, and metals found in ancient art works, along with the language that writers in antiquity used to describe colour, she examines the traces of colour in a variety of media. Stager also discusses the significance of a reception history that has emphasized whiteness, revealing how ancient artistic practice and ancient philosophies of colour significantly influenced one another.

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Published - 25/11/2022.

"Bisanzio a colori. La policromia nella scultura bizantina"

Silvia Pedone

Published by Bardi edizioni

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Published - 2022.

Die Suche nach einem angemessenen Bild der Geschichte: Re-Inszenierung und Rekonstruktion der Antike in Schrift, Form und Farbe von J. J. Winckelmann bis heute.

[The search for an appropriate picture of history: re-enactment and reconstruction of antiquity in writing, form and colour from J. J. Winckelmann to the present day.]

Katharina Mann

Published by De Gruyter 

The publication focuses on the relationship between needs-oriented images of history and the adoption of historical artistic styles. The congruence of re-enactment or reconstruction and the collective desire for a representative image of their own past is analyzed with respect to the interaction between zeitgeist, influential protagonists, and historicizing ideologies. Critical light is shed on various dogmas, such as the idea of a beautifully white antiquity, which still has an effect on our contemporary imagination. Even though color reconstructions can help us re-examine our aesthetic perceptions, it is still unclear whether and how we want to work with preconceived notions in the context of new societal challenges.

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Published - 22/08/2022.


"The Polychromy of Etruscan Sculpture on the basis of selected objects from European Museums" (Doctoral Thesis)

Julia Großekathöfer

Published by Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

This publication is based on the visual examination and photographic
documentation of more than seventy-five exemplary Etruscan objects. This alone gives the reader a first insight into the aesthetic and narrative functions of colour in Etruscan sculpture. The text section focuses on the evaluation of the material, while the catalog illustrates the description of the objects. Finally, a tabular overview provides the basis for determining more precisely the painting technique of an Etruscan object in its dependence on form and time.

Dr Großekathöfer obtained her doctorate on 22 July 2016 and is currently doing a scientific traineeship - in addition to her work as a museum educator - at the LWL-Römermuseum Haltern am See.

Open access to the book is available here.

Published - 07/03/2022.

"Textiles in Ancient Mediterranean Iconography"

Editors: Cecilie Brøns, Susanna Harris, Marta Żuchowska

Published by Oxbow Books.

This volume provides an ambitious synopsis of the complex, colourful world of textiles in ancient Mediterranean iconography. A wealth of information on ancient textiles is available from depictions such as sculpture, vase painting, figurines, reliefs and mosaics. Includes several chapters on polychromy in ancient sculpture.

More information (including how to order) here.

Open access to the book is available here.

Published - 28/02/2022.

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