"The Role of a Replica": New exhibition at The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

With a focus on the Parthenon sculptures, The Role of a Replica is a hands-on, interactive exhibition exploring the ways in which historical and artistic replicas can illuminate our lost history. The exhibition illustrates how these replicas are currently used to communicate the latest archeological discoveries and interpretations. Interactive displays teach museumgoers how molds and casts of fragments of ancient statuary can be used to reconstruct their original appearance within their original architectural context. It also shows how modern scientific investigations can reveal lost colors on ancient statuary. Plaster casts, archival materials, and other resources and technologies can help researchers to reconstruct fragmented sculptures.

The exhibition opened on 14th July, 2023 and will be open until the end of 2025.

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Added: 13/10/2023

Image courtesy of the Parthenon. Photo: Von Resich Photography.

Image courtesy of the Parthenon. Photo: Von Resich Photography.

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