"Therapéia. Polychromie et restauration de la sculpture dans l'antiquité" (Technè vol. 40, 2014, ed. by B. Bourgeois) is now open access!

This richly illustrated volume deals with polychrome sculpture and its conservation in Antiquity. It explores this important yet obscure topic in an interdisciplinary manner, by combining literary, epigraphic and archaeological data with results of in-depth scientific investigation. The love for colour and the care taken in keeping valuable objects in pristine condition, particularly by way of repainting, re-gilding, waxing (ganôsis) is thus demonstrated on objects of various historical contexts: Egyptian wood furniture, Cypriot limestone portraits, ivory sculptures from Macedonian chryselephantine klinai, Greek  terracotta figurines, Ptolemaic royal marble head of Berenike II etc. Several of the case-studies deal with objects kept in the Antiquities departments of the Louvre museum.

For open access go to: https://journals.openedition.org/techne/2943

Added: 16/03/2021

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